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In these final notes, Bronn summarized his assessments of and conclusions on Darwin's Origin in 26 pages [2]. He outlined what he thought Darwin had meant to say, partly reinterpreted it, and critiqued it. Darwin welcomed this discussion, and 18 letters were exchanged between the two men.

In subsequent editions of Origin , Darwin developed his theory further through such feedback. New interpretations of Bronn's work and his influence on Ernst Haeckel and evolutionary thought in Germany are presented in the new book by Sander Gliboff, H. Haeckel, who was the most influential don of German zoology for several decades, probably read Darwin's Origin in German during his PhD work in Jena, since his command of English was not particularly good. The main reason why all of this is of greater, even political, interest beyond issues in the history of science, is that Ernst Haeckel is widely seen—although this is disputed among historians of science—to be in an unholy intellectual line from Darwin to social Darwinism and eugenics in the early twentieth century, eventually leading to fascism in Nazi Germany.

Creationist and intelligent-design advocates worldwide tirelessly perpetuate this purported but largely unsubstantiated connection between Darwin, Haeckel, and Hitler [4]. Furthermore, they do not do justice to Haeckel's understanding of Darwinian evolution by natural selection with all its unpredictability, but, more importantly, seem to aim to further undermine the acceptance of evolution by an often still surprisingly skeptical lay audience. Haeckel was, by far, the most successful popularizer of science for more than a generation in Germany [5] , [6].

His books were printed in large numbers, translated into several languages, and strongly influenced scientists and layman alike [7] , [8]. Haeckel idealized Darwin. Nonetheless, he was instrumental in propagating the principle of evolution by natural selection to the then very influential community of German biologists that had long adhered to lamarckian ideas. Bronn died in , and later editions of Darwin's seminal book were translated into German by Julius Victor Carus.

A son of Friedrich Emil Suchsland, a publisher of Darwin's translations, asked Darwin for permission for a new translation of later editions of the Origin , claiming that his theory had been widely misunderstood in Germany because of shortcomings in the early translation by Bronn. This interpretation of Bronn's skewed understanding of Darwin, and its effects on Haeckel's own misunderstanding, continued in the history of science until recently [9] , [10].

Gliboff's new book [3] clarifies that, although Bronn never completely accepted Darwin's idea of species transformation, he did immediately recognize that Darwin's Origin was a huge advance toward a more comprehensive science of life, which Bronn himself had long sought to establish. Gliboff's book is a very readable, concise, and an important contribution that will help to rectify some entrenched misunderstandings about the history of evolutionary thinking in Germany. It needs to be said, however, that Gliboff almost summarily ignores a large body of work from German scholars on these aspects of the history of evolutionary biology.

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It was Thomas Junker and others [9] , [10] who clarified the historical role of Bronn's translation of Darwin on the acceptance and perception of Darwinian evolution in German. The omission of the insights of these scholars detracts from the impact that this book should have.

Gliboff makes an important contribution by pointing out that Bronn's liberal translation of Darwin altered the precise meanings of Victorian English words to fit a contemporaneous German sensibility. Much of this can be attributed to Bronn's interpretations of Darwin.

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Bronn had been thinking along lines perhaps parallel to Darwin's, aiming to modify Darwin where he thought he knew better than Darwin himself. However, their work—just like the insights of the following generations of evolutionary biologists—extended Darwin's theory beyond that which was known to Darwin himself and led to a healthy discourse among different interpretations. Active 7 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 2k times.

I've never dealt with foreign language OS's so this may be a bit of a simple question. MDMarra Mike Mike 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges.

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We really do prefer that answers have content, not pointers to content. This may theoretically answer the question however, it would be preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference. It has pointers to relevant in depth content that is way larger than the whole thread here, so get real - this is a PERFECT anaswer imho. You can install language packs over any language, and you don't need any localized version all of them are actually built by combining a language-neutral version and a language pack.

Mike, on Windows Update. And you can install over any langauge because tehre is only one langauge - english.

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TomTom, I use Italian versions quite often, and English is not present in the standard installation. There's no "native language" to Windows anymore. Usually, the MUI variant is sufficient for every use case I had. SInce Vista you do NT need german insallation media, some versions download the lagnaue packs through windows update. HThsoe times are over. That's what MUIs are for. My mistake. I didn't realize that the MUIs were a complete transition. Actually there only is english windows by now.

But it is a core english version. MS finally got that right.

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7/7 (German Edition) 7/7 (German Edition)
7/7 (German Edition) 7/7 (German Edition)
7/7 (German Edition) 7/7 (German Edition)
7/7 (German Edition) 7/7 (German Edition)
7/7 (German Edition) 7/7 (German Edition)
7/7 (German Edition) 7/7 (German Edition)

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