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Faust (Margarethe)

Many publications serve as guides to or histories of the East German state. This was published on the occasion of the Moscow Olympics and the young gymnast is shown holding the official mascot for the games. We also hold West German material about the GDR from the period of its existence, also often propagandist in its own way.

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Note how thew designation DDR is placed in inverted commas. Within a few weeks the Berlin Wall had been breached and within a year the GDR had officially ceased to exist, acceding to the Federal Republic to form a single state. All the material we hold from and about the German Democratic Republic can be found in our online catalogue.

Acquisitions , Germanic , Germany , History , Politics. As well as the numerous editions and translations that followed the original publication, there were also many adaptations of the story, particularly for younger readers. Campe was an educational theorist, teacher, author and publisher in the tradition of the German Enlightenment. His wanted his own version to correct these supposed defects.

The book is presented as a series of conversations between a father, who tells the main story over a number of evenings, and his extended family and friends, who chip in with questions and comments. Over-indulged by his parents and allowed to neglect his education, he boards a ship bound for England on a whim, and without telling anyone. After various misadventures he finds himself the only survivor of a shipwreck, washed up on a deserted island.

Robinson is washed ashore.

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London, Cup. Although the book wears its didacticism rather heavily for modern tastes, it was hugely successful in its time. Like the Latin versions - and probably the Greek one - some of the other translations are also obviously aimed at language learners rather than native speakers, as is clear from the notes explaining vocabulary: we have English translations with notes in German and in Danish , and a French translation with Danish notes.

Editions for language learners. Cover of a Swedish translation Stockholm, Germanic , Germany , Literature , Translation.

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Awaiting shelfmark. This is a public artwork in Oslo, begun in and designed to unfold over a century. A forest has been planted just outside the city to supply paper for an anthology to be published in Between now and then, one writer every year will contribute a text, with the writings held in trust, unread and unpublished, until the anthology appears. Two further events take the revolutionary changes in Europe in as a starting point. Rosie Goldsmith, November , Berlin Wall.

They will also reveal how members of the Pasternak family living in England experienced the writing and publication of the novel. Booking is now open for all these events and you can find full details and purchase tickets via the links above. Founded in August by book blogger Meytal Radzinski, Women in Translation Month WITMonth aims to celebrate and promote women writers in translation, as well as their translators and publishers. So why do we need WITMonth? In addition to WITMonth, initiatives such as the Translating Women project and associated conferences and events all help to redress the gender imbalance in the publishing industry.

And there does appear to have been a shift in recent years, with the Man Booker International Prize shortlist featuring five women authors and six women translators. In this two-part blog post, the European Studies team have selected books by women authors in translation from across the continent.

Ranging from 20th-century classics to contemporary fiction, the majority of these works were also translated by women, and several have won or been shortlisted for literary and translation awards. Written between and , rejected by many publishers and issued posthumously in Italian, The Art of Joy only sparked interest after its French and English by award-winning translator Anne Milano Appel translations appeared, in and The Art of Joy is, above all, a novel of instruction and liberation, feminist, socialist, anti-Fascist.

Goliarda Sapienza, its provocative and nonconformist Sicilian author, has just recently been rediscovered, being the subject of an international conference organised by UCL in It is a poetic exploration of nature and man, and of the potential for resisting conventional existence.

Hayden Oneworld Publications, , awaiting shelfmark. Sphinx is the first novel by a woman member of Oulipo to be translated into English. The mother, a doctor, is banished for political reasons to rural Latvia and takes her daughter with her. Uprooted and separated from her loving grandparents, in a reversal of roles, the daughter cares for her psychologically damaged and suicidal mother. This novel by one of the most prominent and influential prose writers in Latvia not only explores the mother-daughter relationship under-represented in literature, according to Ikstena but also gives a powerful voice to women living under - and coping with - an oppressive regime.

It is seamlessly translated from Latvian by translator and poet Margita Gailitis. The Spanish Civil War has greatly impoverished her relatives and created a nightmarish household of conflict, domestic abuse and religious bigotry. Practical guidance on points and lines from Ein gute Ordnung.

The Entertainer - ZoRg85

There are also models of scripts using prayers, Biblical quotations and educational maxims. Most are in German hands, although there are some samples of Roman and italic lettering. There are large and elaborate capitals, and texts in script almost too tiny to read, practical scripts for everyday work and decorative ones for special occasions. An outline script from Ein gute Ordnung.

New Schubert Edition

Decorative flourishes from Ein gute Ordnung. Because of the method of reproduction used, many of the plates also appear in reverse, which were often bound in with the others. A page above and its reverse below from Ein gute Ordnung. The British Library holds two copies, one C. Both copies show evidence of being owned by contemporary scribes.

The first copy has an ownership inscription by a Hanns Lebzelter dated , and the second has 18 manuscript leaves bound in, one of them signed by Veit Stoss a grandson and namesake of the sculptor. Ownership evidence: Hanns Lebzelter above , C. Today he is recognised as the father of German calligraphy, and has inspired modern designers of gothic typefaces who have given his name to their fonts. Germanic , Germany , Printed books , Rare books , Writing. The term Bauhaus evokes functionality, social utopia, maybe even novel pedagogical thinking, but this is often associated with its role as a school of design.

Kandinsky was a key influence on Lothar Schreyer, pioneer of expressionist theatre, who, according to David F. Its publication triggered Walter Gropius to invite Schreyer to the Bauhaus, where he led the stage workshop between and Likewise, Grunow encouraged rhythmic breathing and a response to colours through movement. That stage art privileged performance over print, synesthetic experience over dialogue. Whereas the usual term refers to a piece, the new term draws attention to the mobility of the text through Gang path, walk, derived from the verb gehen , to walk or go.

Schreyer only rarely allowed outsiders into performances and practically no reviews. The text is evocative rather than wholly readable.

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It works in connection with the representation of movement, figures as coloured forms , and sound. On one level, Kreuzigung acts as a representation of performance but, on another, it points to the impossibility of that very representation. It is at once readable by all and penetrable only by the initiated.

The system is unpacked on the following page. Three levels are represented on a stave: word sequence, tone sequence and movement sequence. A zigzag line on the tone sequence denotes pitch based on its position and on the yellow high or blue low lines. The bracket symbols refer to volume and the target signs to pauses in both sound and movement. Words are stretched and contracted as appropriate to the bar by way of the woodcut text.

It evokes a post-war apocalypse, around which man wanders wounded in the company of two female characters in the conventional guises of mother and mistress, ultimately seeking escape through spiritual transcendence. Ultimately, while salvation is demanded, it does not arrive, as the figures are left to call for the world to wake, to realize itself beyond the material desperation. Yet, Kreuzigung is not just the representation of some failed transcendence; that would neglect the formal purity of a project less concerned with content.

Spiritual transcendence is a process entered into in the performance and experience of such universal stage art. Flames break at midnight.

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  6. Mother quarter turn left, right arm horizontal sideways.

    Bühnenwerke (German Edition) Bühnenwerke (German Edition)
    Bühnenwerke (German Edition) Bühnenwerke (German Edition)
    Bühnenwerke (German Edition) Bühnenwerke (German Edition)
    Bühnenwerke (German Edition) Bühnenwerke (German Edition)
    Bühnenwerke (German Edition) Bühnenwerke (German Edition)
    Bühnenwerke (German Edition) Bühnenwerke (German Edition)
    Bühnenwerke (German Edition) Bühnenwerke (German Edition)

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