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1. Geographical information systems

It does everything except think for us-though that is debatable. Therefore, in a world run by computers, there is a burgeoning demand for computer specialists of various types and skills. Even as more factories become assembly lines of robots, someone must design the software to run the robots. Whether it is finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, or insurance-computer science is paramount to their success.

There are number of words that specifies Architect e. Applications architecture describes the behavior of applications used in a business, focused on how they interact with each other and with users. It is focused on the data consumed and produced by applications rather than their internal structure. In application portfolio management, the applications are usually mapped to business functions and to application.

In particular: end users, the project sponsor, UX designer, programmers, Quality Assurance, for starters.

According to the website, mymajors. A handful to consider are:. A perusal of jobs posted on monster. Obviously, the degree requirements and experience differs per positions advertised.

Network architecture refers to the layout of the network, consisting of the hardware, software, connectivity, communication protocols and mode of transmission, such as wired or wireless. There are several ways in which a computer network can be designed.

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Network architecture refers to how computers are organized in a system and how tasks are allocated between these computers. This network might span the length of a few desks, or connect one group of computers in Chicago to another office in Singapore. They typically begin with a layout of the building or area with which they are working. They figure out where the network cables will go, what sorts of hardware is necessary and the maximum user numbers for each segment. In some cases, they design the virtual aspects of the networks as well, deciding which areas are segmented and which zones are able to communicate.

An aptitude in mathematics and information technology is required in the education process. Some employers may prefer candidates that hold a Master of Business Administration MBA degree with a concentration in information systems. The primary duties of an IT architect are to design and maintain computer networks. Architects use computer design software to model and test network plans prior to implementation. Additionally, they may use these programs to simulate adding new hubs, changing routers or making other modifications to existing networks.

Thus, their duties are numerous; the following is a partial list:. Courses may cover programming, algorithms, operating systems, Web design, and software engineering. Additionally, this individual will re p r e s ent the dep a rtment on cr o s s-fu nc tional proj e c t teams a nd m ay lead bio an alytical or ph a rm a c ol og y subtea m s. This i n dividu a l is expect e d to be a r e s o urce for a reco g niz e d area of techn i cal ex p ertise within t he dep a rtment, and may be i nvolved with ass e ssment and imp l em e ntation of n e w bio a nalytical tech n olog i es and met h o d s.

This individ u al may also b e asked to l e ad tec h nical tea m s or initiatives. A strong b ackgr o und in a n a lytical ch e mistry, immunol o gy, immunochem i s try, bioch e mistry, cellu l ar o r m o lecu l ar b i olo g y is also requ i red, al o ng wi t h a track r e c o rd of solvi n g co m plex biolog i cal p r o ble m s. This individual m ust have excell e nt interp e rso n al and com m unication skil l s, along with an extensive tr a ck r e cord of succ e ssfully l e ading small g ro u ps in d ev e loping bioa n alytical metho d s for b ioph a rm a c e utica l s.

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Famili a rity with regul a tory age n cy inter a ctio n s is essential. Th i s individ u al should h ave d emo n s t r at e d the ability to think strat e gically, anticipa t e and id e ntify key iss u es, facilitate prob le m solving an d r e soluti o n. This i n dividu a l shou l d also have the ability to i nflue n ce th os e who d o not dir e ctly rep o rt to them through a comb in ation of effective part i cipati o n in, and lea d ership of tea m s.

The Data Science Leader Shanghai will provide data science leadership and advanced analytics expertise for therapeutic and disease-based biomarker and companion diagnostic activities in support of numerous oncology clinical development programs. This position has particular focus on developing and executing translational biomarker data management and analysis strategies to ensure successful execution of drug-diagnostic co-development in China. The incumbent must have proven credentials as a strong scientific leader, one who can bridge between a cutting-edge translational medicine environment and a fast-paced clinical organization using outstanding leadership and influencing skills.

The successful candidate will work extensively with biomarker scientists, data scientists, and companion diagnostic managers in OBD, and will collaborate frequently with colleagues in clinical science, biostatistics, informatics, and IT across Roche. They will also engage regularly with external biomarker and diagnostic development partners, and collaborate with key physician-scientists in China. We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join the Oncology Biomarker Development Team in China to support biomarker research studies and oncology therapeutic development programs.

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The incumbent will lead or contribute to translational science projects in China for programs in late and early stage of clinical development, before and after approval. The successful candidate is expected to effectively work cross-functional teams in China and global. Effectively communicating to and develop collaborative relationships with key investigators and thought leaders in China. The technical development leader TDL leads technical development team s in developing and implementing CMC strategies and activities associated with large or small molecule clinical candidates, from pre-entry into humans until launch.

Ensures adequate information flow between team members, to functional management, and to governance committees to ensure transparency, informed decision making, and optimal alignment of all technical deliverables with the Project Team strategy and Clinical Development plan. The TDL is also accountable for all project planning, scheduling, resourcing and reporting for the team. This position requires excellent communication, collaboration, organization, strategic thinking, negotiating skills and influencing abilities. You will collaborate with peers within the function and across the organization to develop evidence generation strategies, identify evidence gaps and data sources, design and execute studies, and implement analyses to address molecule and disease area questions.

The data will be varied in type -- patient-level clinical data, supplemented with deep patient data such as omics e.

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Source data will be diverse -- real-world data, including patient registries, electronic medical records, claims, biobanks, and clinical trials. The evidence and insights will be used to inform the research and development of our molecules, and support healthcare decisions by patients, physicians, health authorities, payers, and policy-makers. You will also contribute to functional, cross- functional, enterprise-wide or external initiatives that shape our business and healthcare environments.

This will require a good understanding of molecule and disease area strategies, healthcare environments, as well as strong scientific and technical data science expertise. You will need strong strategic, collaboration and communication skills, as well as an entrepreneurial mindset, to transform the way we use data and analytics to develop and deliver medicines for our patients.

You will contribute to the development of new concepts, techniques, and standards. We will look to you as a positive role model for peers and you will coach colleagues to improve in their role with both technical and interpersonal skills. In this position, you will need to work effectively as part of a team responsible for ensuring successful and efficient upstream and downstream processing of recombinant proteins.

Monitoring and analysis of manufacturing data as necessary to provide support for process discrepancies, validation protocols, process transfers, or equipment troubleshooting. Ensure effective maintenance and availability of automation systems and equipment. Support software and hardware life cycle management efforts to ensure systems remain current and compliant.

Contribute to the increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the Automation group by contributing towards infrastructure improvements to guidelines, procedures, practices, standards and cross-functional business processes. This position requires strong adherence to compliance and safety requirements, cGMPs, SOPs, and other manufacturing documents.

As with any position in a manufacturing environment, the job requires an ability to adapt to rapidly changing priorities and the flexibility to support operations in accordance with the manufacturing schedule. Influence automation strategy by fostering innovation and developing novel solutions for future business needs through the continual evaluation of state-of-the-art technologies, current industry trends, direct digital manufacturing, data analytics etc. Work effectively as a technical leader on multidisciplinary engineering capital project teams:.

Develop business case for the introduction, upgrade, retrofit or expansion of wide range of process control systems and technologies. Effectively present the business case to internal and external stakeholders, capital delivery portfolio teams and executive level management.

Lead the design, development and qualification of process automation systems, data infrastructure, business intelligence and data visualization systems. Define project execution strategy, resource needs, options and cost benefit analysis, engineering document development, system design, system configuration and programming design. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Automation Engineering department by contributing toward infrastructure improvements to existing procedures, practices, standards and cross-functional business processes.

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The candidate should share insights and improvements, participate in design reviews across the portfolio of departmental projects, and contribute to best practice forums across our network of global engineers and partners. Success in this position requires strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively collaborate and foster positive interactions with team members while managing adherence to project scope, budget and schedule.

The candidate will need to be customer-focus, self-driven and comfortable with ambiguity and complex problem solving. The candidate will need to be able to quickly prioritize work in alignment with business and customer needs and comfortable working in a dynamic environment with a diverse automation landscape. A desire to innovate and improve processes by driving lean concepts in design and execution.

Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design) Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design)
Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design) Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design)
Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design) Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design)
Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design) Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design)
Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design) Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design)
Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design) Find an IT Job (Information Technology Careers From Bioinformatics to Web Design)

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