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They are all close to shops for everyday needs - but the Handpicked Lodges team are also at the end of the phone and only 15 minutes away should you ever need any further help or advice.

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Registered in Scotland. The Lodges. Go Catered? About Us. More information. The Lodges Go Catered?

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Luxury Lodges in Aviemore and the Cairngorms Our lodges are all unique and characterful, but also wonderfully comfortable and welcoming. Lodge locations. Check availability for your handpicked lodge. Wood Burner Pet Friendly. I learned how to manage a team of women and men in a retail background, I scheduled these employees. I loved managing the store I just was not happy with there work life balance as much as I wanted to be.

Handpicked is a fun place to workplace. During the work day, its really hit or miss with out store location.

Some days we are really busy and other days we really slow. The people I work with are really fun and have great knowledge about the company. They're easy t get along with. Working here is always good energy and fun. The job is not hard at all and we all work together if they is any mishaps. Fun workplace. This job provided me with lifelong friends, but the job required of me and my job title I had did not correlate.


I was expected to do more than I should have and was not compensated for it. Strict place to work. Very low paid place. This was my first job ever so it helped me gain experience, but the managers took some things too far and it was always slow and never busy except during Christmas time. A great place to start. Working at HP is okay. You have good days and bad days, but overall it's okay.

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HP is a great place to start in retail. HP was my first job, and I had an amazing manager. She was so nice and she truly cared about everybody. Yet, HP cooperate never acknowledged her. They really need to work in acknowledging those are doing so much for the company. It was a lot of fun. I loved working there and everyone was very very friendly and easy to work with. I do feel that the starting pay was low compared to how expensive the jewelry was.

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My whole summer working there and only purchasing gas and some food, I was only able to buy on piece of jewelry from the store and it was on sale. They were alright, but there was a lot of drama. Drama from accusing employees of stealing from them, all the way to management getting mad that the sales associates figured out that there was some favoritism going on.

Some people were getting paid minimum wage and other close to 9 dollars and we were all "fashion consultants". That is shady, business practices. Of all the retail jobs I have had- which is many- this is the best store I have every worked for. Unfortunately, there is not room to grow and the pay is minimal. Staff were unprofessional and managers were hardly anywhere to be seen and took holidays whenever they wanted.

The best job I had in my life. I worked independently as a district manager assisting retail stores onboard U.

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  • The independency of the job, travel and the people you met and helped. Productive and fun workplace.

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    I was the Key Holder so I would open or close the store. I worked closely with the store managers and the sales associates. I spoke with corporate on a daily basis.

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    When new merchandise came in, I would check it in, back stock the extra pieces, and create visually pleasing displays for the floor. I interacted with customers and worked the register and took customer's orders if needed. I dealt with returns and exchanges as well.

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