Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)

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Bring Me The Horizon - Home Sweet Hole

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It was real spit-and-sawdust American style. This big plate of risotto came to the table and my grandfather sliced the truffle on top and everyone took a little bit. It tasted of the ground and of the woods - a rich, complex, sexual flavour. At 1pm I was poured a half glass of this wine at a restaurant south of Lyon, it was part of meal where we were tasting 15 different wines. At the end of the meal, at 6pm, I had to catch the TGV train to Paris for dinner, but I was still sipping at this original wine, so I asked permission to bring it with me. I put a sheet of paper over it and in the TGV I was continuously sipping - people were just looking at me oddly in the carriage, as I drank this glass of golden liquid.

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I finally finished my glass as the TGV entered Paris at 8pm, so it had taken me seven hours to drink, with every sip driving me to the next level - it just had this endless dimension of discovery which, of course, Krug is also all about. It was a Batard Montrachat, vintage from a fantastic producer called Amonet. First, eaten raw on the boat with hot English mustard and soy sauce.

Then barbecued on the beach with driftwood and bay leaves. And the remainder were dill-cured for the coming week. By midnight everyone else had gone to bed, and he and I were getting kind of peckish. We found some venison in his fridge, chopped it up in half-inch chunks, seared it in a pan with olive oil and salt, and washed it down with a serious Burgundy. That was 20 years ago, and I can taste that venison like it was yesterday.

The best I've ever had was from a farm in Berkshire called Prosperous. It had a depth, creaminess and a flavour that is quite unlike anything I'd ever tasted. It's one of my first memories of cooking something at home, but I think it was pretty good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I made bacon, fried bread, fried tomatoes, mushrooms and fried eggs.

They were over the moon and loved it, although I hadn't told them I was going to do it, so when I woke them up my mum's first reaction was, "Oh my God, you've been at the stove. It's not glamorous, but it's just incredible. We'd been shooting all day, and he invited me to join him and the crew for a simple ragout with bread and wine. It was a great meal, and at that point I really began to understand what Italian food is all about. I come away so inspired by the delicious and unusual flavours - not to mention the creative spectacle that greets my eyes. My appetite has been whetted and I arrive home excited and ready to recreate homemade Italian ice-cream in my own gelaterias.

I think he best meals are the ones that I pick for free. Near where we live in Devon there's a field where parasol mushrooms grow, which we pick and deep fry in batter.

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We also pick sorrel and nettles for risotto. There's no shopping involved, no cost and therefore no wage slavery.

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The procurement of food becomes a pleasure. We'd stop for the chef to find fresh ingredients: eggs, fresh vegetables and rice from local farmers.

Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1) Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)
Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1) Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)
Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1) Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)
Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1) Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)
Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1) Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)
Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1) Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)
Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1) Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)
Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1) Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)
Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1) Home Sweet Hole (Burgundy Skye Book 1)

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