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Brutus and Cassius appear with their heads out, but Judas is lodged headfirst; only his twitching legs protrude. The mouths chew their victims, constantly tearing the traitors to pieces but never killing them. Virgil tells Dante that they have now seen all of Hell and must leave at once. Putting Dante on his back, Virgil performs a startling feat.

Virgil explains that they have just passed the center of the Earth: when Lucifer fell from Heaven, he plunged headfirst into the planet; his body stuck here in the center. According to Virgil, the impact caused the lands of the Southern Hemisphere to retreat to the North, leaving only the Mountain of Purgatory in the water of the South. Dante and Virgil climb a long path through this hemisphere, until they finally emerge to see the stars again on the opposite end of the Earth from where they began.

Here in the Fourth Ring of the Ninth Circle of Hell, at the utter bottom, Dante comes to the end of his hierarchy of sins and thus completes the catalogue of evil that dominates and defines Inferno. So-called ordinary fraud only breaks the natural bonds of trust and love that form between men; other categories of fraud reach an even greater depth of evil because they break an additional bond of love. Of these, frauds against kin, country, and guests constitute the lighter end of the scale, for they violate only socially obligated bonds—our culture expects us to love our family and our homeland and to be a good host.

Thus, the ultimate sinner, Judas Iscariot, was a man who betrayed both simultaneously, for his benefactor was Jesus Christ. Just as Christ, whose church is centered in Rome, was the perfect manifestation of religion, Dante feels that Caesar was the perfect manifestation of secular government, as the emperor of Rome at the height of its power. Throughout Inferno , Dante has expressed the view that church and state should remain separate but equal.

Now, Dante finds an arrangement for the final circle of Hell that both completes his vision of the moral hierarchy and makes one last, vivid assertion of his politics. Inferno by: Dante Alighieri. Character List Dante Alighieri Virgil. She does, but then dies afterwards, allowing Mephisto to claim her soul. Much of Doom's descent into villainy is related to his relentless attempts to free her soul through science and sorcery. Then he finally succeeded in freeing her soul at the cost of losing his mother's love for him.

To save his mother from damnation, he had to make her hate his guts. When Doctor Strange , who witnessed it all, attempts to offer help, Doom quickly brushes him off and stands proudly alone, which is heartbreaking. He adjusts his machine and saves his mother's soul, crafts himself golden armour , and liberates his native land of Latveria from the hands of the evil aristocracy. Then Mephisto rises from Hell and drags down all of the denizens of Latveria into Limbo unless Doctor Doom makes Sophie's Choice ; either he willingly sacrifices the love of his life's soul, or the entire kingdom suffers for it.

Doom gives Mephisto her life, and he eventually still becomes a villain.

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In Hellblazer , the First of the Fallen a. Satan himself NOT Lucifer, who is an entirely separate entity was once the conscience itself of God, who was at first permanently split into a separate entity from God for "holding God back" from fulfilling his creative potential indulging in the darker side of creation ex. What makes it ironic is that Satan only realized just how far gone he had become, by turning into the monster he had always been made out to be, when John Constantine smirkingly pointed it out to him during one of their innumerable confrontations.

How to make shaitan ( Satan) weep?

In The Killing Joke , there is one frame during The Joker 's "One bad day" speech, which no one but the reader can see, in which he looks like a lost little boy, and though he's shot and crippled Barbara Gordon, then kidnapped and brutalized her father in an attempt to break his sanity , we can't help but sympathize. However, the Joker is the king of liars and oft-aware of the fourth wall - who's to say he isn't trying to manipulate the reader as he is everyone else?

Many of the Bat villains, such as Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, and Scarecrow, have backstories so sad that readers weep for them even as they hope Batman kicks the crap out of them for whatever evil scheme they just tried. Spending your childhood in a Nazi concentration camp would have a dark effect on anybody.

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Is there any surprise that Magneto sees all men as the kind who would exterminate a people based on a minor ethnic difference, and, as such, would certainly act quicker against mutants? Herr Starr from Preacher spends the entire series stomping on puppies. But he was once just a quiet little boy who had the bad luck of attracting the attention of bullies. They held him down and put out his eye with a shard of glass and there's no coming back from something like that.

A Period Of Silence does this for its main villain, Allucinere.

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Once an orphan known only as Maya Tromper, she watched her family burn to death when she was very young. Despite spending her youth in an orphanage, she managed to find joy in the form of Esme, a kind, outgoing, somewhat impulsive brunette who formed a perfect contrast to her more reserved nature. They eventually fell in love, but on the night of their high school graduation, Maya and Esme run into a man named Lazario, who arranged for the death of Maya's parents.

He shoots Esme right in front of her, which causes her to snap. It wasn't what drove her over the edge, but it does give a certain context to her actions that inspires more of a tragic "what could have been" reaction from the audience rather than simple hatred. Aftershocks , a fanfic for Heathers , doesn't gloss over J.

Dante's Satan

In Alexandra Quick , this is how Alexandra ultimately views Darla. Emmeraude, from the latter end of marcus's Fairy Tail series, was the illegitimate child of the Pergrande King and lived in poverty with her mother. After becoming a top soldier in the Pergrande's army she was exiled after a failed experiment on the King. All she wanted was to create a better world so people like her mother wouldn't have to suffer. Her plans were delayed when Lucy unknowingly took a key part of Emmeraude's plans while investigation disappearances.

When she captured Lucy Fairy Tail took on everything Emmeraude threw at them to get their friend back. Eventually they succeed in bringing her down. In the process Emmeraude losses almost everything she cared about.

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Her subordinates either died during the battle or were taken back to Pergrande to be executed as they were soldiers from said kingdom. The daughter she created sacrificed herself to save everyone. Her dreams are now in ruin. The only good thing she still has going for her is that her mother is alive and well. However , you may loose some of that sympathy with how petty she is. When she captured Lucy she abused the poor girl who was already suffering.

When she is defeated she blames Lucy for all of her misfortune. And abandons her dreams and joins Zeref if it means Fairy Tail's destruction and that she can get her hands on Lucy.


Emmeraude has already came close destroying Lucy's keys and threatened to kill Natsu in front of her just to hurt the girl. In the Rise of the Guardians fic Guardian of Light , Pitch finds out that the main character, Helen, is his daughter whom he lost at the end of the Golden Age. He tries to get her back, but when he gets her and tells her, she refuses to believe him.

Then the Guardians storm in, and take her back. And then when he gets her back again, she fights against him. While her reactions towards him are understandable, it's really hard not to feel sorry for the guy, since he's only trying to get his daughter back. In the order they occurred, he's seen his father shot in front of him, had his house burned down, his now dirt poor and homeless mother married a man who later killed her, spent the majority of his childhood being beaten and verbally abused by said man, and then his step father casually admitted to raping and killing Gene's mother just to hurt Gene even more.

To quote the author, 'he never had a chance at being normal'. On the surface, he may seem to be a Knight Templar with a bit of the Ax-Crazy , He Who Fights Monsters and Well-Intentioned Extremist tropes, but many of his former allies lament and feel sorry at how the Jinsei's corruption changed him into a self-centered, taunting and rage-fueled madman.

My Immortal : Satan was rather calm and nice in fact, much more sane and likable than the protagonist herself and never did anything directly bad. Dumbledore even demonizes the goths and punks at the school, but Satan seems to ride this off. And he becomes Voldemort, who harasses the main characters constantly.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic : There's a slew of fics that give one-shot villains Gilda from "Griffon the Brush-Off" and the Great and Powerful Trixie from "Boast Busters" some sympathy, Character Development , and a shot at redemption, sometimes with a tragic back-story thrown in for good measure. There's also a bit of fanart and fanfic out there that depicts Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in a sympathetic light, either giving them some Character Development , showing them as Lonely Rich Kids who only have each other as friends, or even having one or both as victims of emotional neglect or abuse.

There's even one or two such fics for Prince Blueblood from "The Best Night Ever" , who most fans regard as completely unsympathetic. The major villains of the series aren't immune to this. In fact they might even get this more than the aforementioned characters. Nightmare Moon is often written as a tragic figure, since many writers believe that she's an aspect of Princess Luna's negative emotions.

‘Satan Smiting Job with Sore Boils’, William Blake, c | Tate

Discord is hit with this by writers who create a tragic motive behind his actions or by those fanfictions that make him see the light. Even Queen Chrysalis , the most evil villain on the show to date, is sometimes painted by writers as a being who only wants what's best for her race and genuinely believes that conquering Equestria and enslaving its inhabitants will benefit her race. There's one called Mirrors in Shadows which does this for changelings, but with a twist.

Rather than the usual Draco in Leather Pants or Not Evil, Just Misunderstood treatment the fandom usually gives changelings, this one full on acknowledges that they are evil and heartless predators. Somehow, it still manages to drown you in feels. In Equestria: A History Revealed , this occurs many times throughout the fic.

In the case of King Sombra, it is hinted that some evil discovery, or just the constant annoyance from the crystal ponies drove him mad. In the case of Luna, it was the national trial and Luna Bill that caused her to believe her sister didn't love her anymore.



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