MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3)

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How much of himself will remain after going through the journey, and will he still have his soul when he comes out the other side? The former Avengers have taken their superheroism to the global scale as they cross the world under the leadership of Ms. Could a dark secret bring the new Champions down for good? Natasha Romanova is back from the dead after being killed by one of the few people she called a friend!

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Now, she's back and mad as hell! Will her formerly evil ways triumph over her career as a superheroine? In the aftermath of the Infinity Wars, the universe is on fire! Hundreds of worlds are at war, Thanos is seemingly dead, chaos reigns, and it's up to a new Guardians of the Galaxy to come together to keep it all together. It always trying to find the right time, the right set of circumstances, the right situation, the right number of dollars, of pounds in your bank account…[Listen for more] Favorite Books Biographies A View from Above Wilt Chamberlain Biography.

Where you pay them for the work, but they had no future claim to anything that you are doing or will be paid for in the future.

Hello everybody, Neil Ball here. Thank you so much for joining me today on the entrepreneur way. The vision, the mindset, the commitment, the sacrifice, the failures and the successes. I am so excited to bring you our special guest today, Jim Sweeney. But before I introduce you to him, I am just going to give you a little bit of something to think about. You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions. That was said by Nagube Mafos. The entrepreneur way asks the questions so we all get the insight, inspiration and ideas to apply in our business.

Jim welcome to the show, are you ready to share your version of the entrepreneur way with us? Mr Neil Ball, thank you for having me. I am buckled in and ready to go and yes I am ready to share whatever questions you pepper my way.

Awesome, thank you. Jim Sweeney has crafted his digital innovation to become the first universal animated brand in sports. He envisions his trade-marked mike alter-ego sports personality to eventually be seen and heard on network television and Jumbotrons. Jim enjoyed an incredible start in digital media by penning over blogs, and publishing 37 mike sports comics and monetizing them via numerous affilliate links housed within them. Jim, can you provide me with some more insight into your business and personal life?

To allow the listeners to get to know more about what you do and who you are. Well my personal life is such that I was very successful in some previous businesses, the last one my wife and I had started from scratch and our best year, our annual revenues exceeded 52 million dollars in sales. But it was a boring business. We had very little, you know personal reward and reporting to work every day. And even it got to the point in cashing our paychecks at the end of the week where at the end of the month, you know when we would pay ourselves. And we got to the point where we wanted to do something different.

Something bold, something couragous, something totally outside of the box, and over a period of time, it led us to eventually segway out of a previously prosperous business to start something new, and something totally different which is digital content creation.

When business started difficulties overcame:

He is what he is named. He is a Microphone. Who we call the ultimate talking head on sport. He was birthed with me 58 years ago in Treton New Jersey. And I just needed to bring him to fruition. And you had referenced the man with the unpronounceable last name, to kick off the show.

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  5. And I thank you for asking that, you know what is my background, what has been my journey? As that man with the unpronouncable last name had said, and getting Mike to where he is today and where he will inevitably go, has been a journey, it is not been a sprint, its not been a short race. It has not been something that can be quickly done. Its taking a whole life time of experience.

    And dedicating myself to it full time because the making of Mike and developing content is my full-time gig. And it has been a journey and its a journey that I have loved. It sounds absolutely awesome.

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    So what sort of things are you doing with Mike? Obviously you have had him in blogs and you have obviously published in comics and things, so can you just enlighten a bit more? Yes the ultimate goal with Mike, is to get a licencing deal with a major international sports network.

    And in order to do that I needed to build brand equity with the character. Very few of the major networks would even talk to me if I did not have some type of digital assets that I had compiled. Or some type of a following, that I was able to build up. So knowing that my inevitable goal is to create whom I believe will be the first ever animated brand to transcend all sports.

    The NBA's Long, Crazy Comic Book History

    Because I write all of my blogs, now of them through the voice of Mike. Mmmm hmmm. That people are attracted to him.

    MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3) MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3)
    MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3) MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3)
    MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3) MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3)
    MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3) MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3)
    MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3) MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3)
    MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3) MIKE NBA Favorites: Sports Comic Books (Favorites Series Book 3)

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