So You Think Youre Saved!

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Paul Thigpen

His standard is complete obedience and no one has ever met that standard except Jesus. That seems a little extreme. Think about it this way. But one day all that money becomes too tempting and you embezzle several thousand dollars. You may be wondering at this point what hope anyone has of going to heaven if what the Bible says is true.

Isn’t being a good person enough to get someone into heaven? |

What does that mean? Jesus alone earned it for us. Nobody deserves it. Nobody can work for it. It is a gracious gift from God. We must believe it and trust Him. For we are His creation — created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time so that we should walk in them. Jesus Christ came to give us much more than a kind of eternal fire insurance policy.

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If we want to follow up on that statement, we can assure the inquirer that we do in fact have faith in Jesus Christ, that we recognize Him as our Savior and Lord, and that our goal is to be counted one day among the saints in heaven. But why end the discussion there? If you want to take it a step farther, try this approach.

But what are we saved for? This query shifts the focus of the conversation.

What Salvation is Not

Exploring the answer together can help the other person grasp more fully and accurately what it actually means to be saved. Why did God create us in the first place?

He made us in certain ways like Himself, able to think and choose, so we could be sons and daughters who live in friendship with Him. God created us for Himself, for nothing less than to know, love, serve and enjoy Him — now and forever. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus offer us, through the forgiveness of our sins, escape from eternal punishment.

He also reconciles us to God, opening the door to a full restoration of our friendship with Him. To save us, He remakes us in His likeness — a lifelong process requiring our cooperation — so that we can once again think and love as He thinks and loves. This process finds its completion only in heaven, where eternal life is enjoyed in perfect harmony with Him. This quest begins when a man or woman first realizes their true state before a holy God. When Adam and Eve sinned they lost their right to eat of the tree of life which would have enabled them to live forever.

They were expelled from the garden and as such denied the loving relationship that God desired to have with them. Their sinful state made them unfit to linger in the presence of God.

Isn’t being a good person enough to get someone into heaven?

Far from being a minor event, this Fall and expulsion of man was the cataclysmic turning point of history and set humanity on a descent which continues to this day. Man without God makes his own plans, follows his own counsels and lives by his own rules.

How Can I Tell If I’m Really Saved?

Nevertheless, because man was created for fellowship with God, there remains a dissatisfaction and longing within man that can only be fulfilled by God Himself. As man is now hopelessly decadent and God is perfectly holy, there exists the need for God and man to be reconciled so that the fellowship may be restored.

How to be saved has been outlined for every man in the preaching of the Gospel. The Gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ. God, fully knowing that man would fall, provided a means of reconciliation for man; He knew that there was nothing that a man could do to make mankind acceptable to God. God sent Jesus Christ, who provided restoration for man with God by giving His own life, shedding His own blood.

There was no other way to eradicate the effect of sin except by blood.

Biblical Salvation

This shedding of blood indicated that the penalty for sin had been paid; a life had been sacrificed for the lives of all who have sinned. How to be saved -- What must a man do to be saved? How to be saved is within the reach of every human being on the face of the earth. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, He provided salvation for all. Salvation has been provided; it now must be accepted.

Once a man or woman recognizes the need for salvation and realizes that God has provided for their salvation through Jesus Christ, he or she must go on to embrace it.

So You Think Youre Saved! So You Think Youre Saved!
So You Think Youre Saved! So You Think Youre Saved!
So You Think Youre Saved! So You Think Youre Saved!
So You Think Youre Saved! So You Think Youre Saved!
So You Think Youre Saved! So You Think Youre Saved!

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