The New Recruit and The Sales Process

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Sales Training

Our sales recruitment model is designed to identify the key sales elements required for superior performance, eliminate personal bias and take a holistic approach to hiring your next sales person or sales executive. Having a defined, repeatable and proven sales hiring process is essential for our dedicated sales recruiters to have success for your organizations. SalesForce Search utilizes a multipronged approach towards recruiting top sales people. To customize our sales recruitment strategy for a specific client, we utilize an intensive research and planning process:.

As a thought leader in the sales community, our strong social media presence enables us to engage with top salespeople while offering a platform for sharing meaningful and useful content. This way, you can share them with your whole team and get an overview of who performed best.

At Recruitee, we are big proponents of considering the candidates who are willing to learn. However, in sales, there are some things that are harder or impossible to teach.

There will be some traits that are inherent to sales-driven individuals. For example, a successful salesperson is self-driven by success. This step goes hand in hand with candidate engagement. Are you keeping in touch with candidates about their progress in your hiring pipeline? You never know which rejected candidate will feel jaded. This could lead to negative reviews on Glassdoor.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Sales Hiring Process | First Round Review

More importantly, it can ruin an opportunity to reach out to that talented individual later for a different position. Much like in sales, you will have competitors. What are you doing to outweigh their offers?

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How can you ensure that your job offer is accepted? Salespeople will likely know their worth.

Recruiting sales reps? Then it’s a good time to rethink your sales recruitment strategy

Make sure to do research on market rates and salaries. That goes for salary and any other benefits used to promote working for your company! In this instance, you can use an email template, as well. But make sure to always personalize it! You want the job offer to feel warm and inviting rather than cold and impersonal. Sales reps can spot a generic pitch a mile away! Make sure to mention something that you particularly liked about their interview. Let them know exactly what they can expect on their first day.

Of course, not every pitch leads to a sale. And in this case, not every job offer is accepted. Much like nurturing the candidates that may not have made the cut, you still need to prevent burnt bridges with candidates that reject your job offer!

How Sales and Marketing Redefined the Recruiting Model

You can always come back with a counteroffer. But in any case, always ask for feedback on what you could do better. And you never know: they could return to your company once that has happened! Your offer has been accepted, and you have a new hire to add to the sales team. Things are going great! Onboarding is all set up.

What more would you have to do? Once you make a hire, you still need to follow up with their progress. Keep track of their entire employee life cycle! This will inform you later whether or not your recruitment process is producing quality hires. You want to tweak it, if not, because the end goal is to have long-term sales staff that will represent your company to its fullest potential.

Aforementioned as a source of candidates, employee referrals can be a great way to get qualified leads for new positions. In sales, networking is key. Your new hire is likely to know other sales representatives that may be looking for a new gig. Here are a few things to keep in mind about employee referrals for sales positions:. Sales is a fast-paced environment. Your sales team will likely be busy and already juggling multiple tasks and conversations. They know more than anyone that people like the grunt work to be done for them! Another important factor that has ties to sales.

I want that person to walk away from our interactions thinking positively about my brand and their sales experience with me. Much of a sales persons book of business is through word of mouth. Same goes for recruiting. In just a few clicks, they can tell millions about the crappy time they had interviewing for your company, which could potentially affect the decision of another candidate who is the perfect fit.

Not only do you need to provide a positive experience to those candidates you are engaged with, but also to ALL candidates who apply. You have a team of people inside your own organization that can provide you with excellent resources to sell your positions better. Use them! Once she realized that double selling was way too hard, she made the transition into selling saas based products and services.

Over the last 8 years she has worked for companies such as Salesforce. Modified Photo Credit zcache. By filling out this form you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service , as well as express your consent to receive communications from us.

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Thanks for Subscribing! When narrowing down a pool of top job candidates, communication, engagement, and documentation are essential. Instrumental in that process is the combination of conversational recruiting and knowledge management Both recruiters and job-seekers alike Utilizing creative content marketing can make the process of hiring the best candidates easier.

The New Recruit and The Sales Process The New Recruit and The Sales Process
The New Recruit and The Sales Process The New Recruit and The Sales Process
The New Recruit and The Sales Process The New Recruit and The Sales Process
The New Recruit and The Sales Process The New Recruit and The Sales Process
The New Recruit and The Sales Process The New Recruit and The Sales Process
The New Recruit and The Sales Process The New Recruit and The Sales Process

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